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The fabrication phase consists of impressions, bite records, tooth selection and try-in of the back teeth. On the day of delivery, you will be seen in oral surgery for extraction of the appropriate teeth, followed immediately by the insertion of the immediate denture.

Before the teeth are extracted, a custom set of dentures are created. This set of dentures will be fitted once the teeth have been extracted. Immediate dentures allow the gum tissue to heal once the teeth have been taken out and act as a kind of bandage for the healing gum tissue. Once the immediate dentures have been fitted the tissue will continue to heal. This process can take several months and you may need to return to the dentist for a procedure known as a denture reline. This ensures the dentures fit properly. Once healing is complete, your dentist will replace the immediate dentures with your new set of dentures. These should feel stronger, lighter and more comfortable and they should function as effectively as normal teeth.

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