ZOOM II Teeth Whitening Mesa, AZ

ZOOM II Whitening System:
The Zoom!® One-Hour Whitening System is a safe, effective, and ultra-fast teeth whitening treatment which provides immediate and long-lasting results. The result of scientific research, ZOOM!® utilizes a hydrogen peroxide gel designed to penetrate deep into your teeth and remove tough stains. Over-the-counter treatments such as whitening strips and trays can take several weeks to show results, and are limited in their ability to whiten your teeth.

The Zoom! ® One-Hour Whitening System treatment begins with a short preparation period to ensure that your lips and gum tissue are isolated from the whitening process. The second step involves the application of the ZOOM!® Whitening Gel, which is activated by a specially designed light, enabling the gel to penetrate your teeth and remove any tough stains or discoloration. This step is repeated a total of three times, each lasting approximately fifteen minutes. Finally, a five minute fluoride treatment completes the treatment. The results will be immediate and noticeable.

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