Complete Detail (The Works) $199.99

Pamper your vehicle with our most exquisite detail package.
Includes a complete interior and exterior detail, plus an engine clean.

Exterior Services

Express Hand Wax
A quick wax that is applied by hand giving your vehicle a wet look shine.
Carnuba Hand Wax
A longer lasting wax with a pleasant cherry scent and luster shine.
Carnuba Orbital Wax
Our cherry scented Carnuba wax, applied with an orbital polisher.
Paint Sealant
A long-lasting, high gloss paint protector that shines and seals your vehicle paint, protecting it from fading.
Buff & Wax
Two step machine buff that will remove light scratches and oxidation, followed by carnuba wax application.
Engine Clean
* All prices are starting prices.

Interior Services

Seat & Upholstery
Front and back row seats shampooed and cleaned.
(third row extra)
Carpet & Mat Shampoo
Carpets and mats thoroughly cleaned and shampooed.
(third row extra)
Leather Clean & Treat
All leather seats cleaned and conditioned.
(third row extra)
Complete Interior
All interior plastics cleaned, degreased, and conditioned.
Seats, carpets, and floormats shampooed.
*Prices may vary with the size and condition of vehicle*

Detail Services for RV's & Boats

Starting at
$5.00 / foot
Wax (Wash Included)
$10.00 / foot
Carpets & Mats (Wash Included)
$10.00 / foot
Buff & Wax (Wash Included)
$20.00 / foot

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